Squares #0013-0016

Total number of completed squares – 87.

Square #0013


Square #0014


Square #0015


Square #0016




Squares #0009-0012

Three rows down, three to go on scrap-ghan 01. All the squares are finished; just waiting to be photographed and sewn together.

Square #0009


Square #0010


Square #0011


Square #0012



Squares #0005-0008

Doing some catchup. These four squares finish up the first two rows of Scrap-ghan 01. These squares are from a pattern. I altered some of it to fit my style.

Square #0005


Square #0006


Square #0007


Square #0008



Square #0003 and #0004

The third set of squares from this scrap-ghan are being blocked, so, here are two squares from the second row. No extra time to make fancy videos for these.

Square #0003.


Square #0004.



Square #0002

Square #0002. Also posted on Instagram and Pinterest. I have enough squares finished to try to post several each week.

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Square #0001

Square #0001 is up. Check out my Instagram page for the upgraded version. All squares will be cataloged on the Squares page.



I’m back…

Hello, again,

I am launching a new project/series. I’ve been thinking about what to do, next. Recently, I was listening to a podcast about artists/makers, and a fiber artist was talking about her installation of 1000 doilies. I’ve always liked the idea of 1000 things. (1000 folded cranes, etc.)

So, what could I make 1000 of? At the time, I had started making crocheted afghans as a way to use leftover yarn from my stash. I call them “Scrap-ghans”. I planned to give them to the local animal shelter. Could I make 1000 afghans? Probably not.

But, I could probably make 1000 squares. So, that’s what I am doing. Making 1000 squares to be assembled into Scrap-ghans. So far, I’ve got a good start. I will be posting pictures of individual squares with their designations, here; on Pinterest; and on Instagram.

Squares are/will be from patterns; altered patterns; and my own design; and assembled into afghans.  Again, all of the Scrap-ghans will be donated to local animal shelters.

In addition, I will be posting ways people can help/support this project, as soon as the first square is posted.

This will be the first of several “1000” themed projects to come.

Stay tuned for Square #0001…